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UT System Initiatives


Transformational research conducted at The University of Texas System has made it one of the world’s most innovative institutions. As the second-largest academic research system in the United States, UT System produces nearly $2.7 billion in research expenditures each year, files a new patent every two days, and launches a new company every nine days. The University of Texas System is committed to attracting elite faculty to Texas and investing in groundbreaking research. Over the past decade, the UT System has invested more than $300 million in programs to attract and retain star faculty and researchers and to fund system-wide research initiatives. These initiatives leverage UT System’s existing strengths, combined with strategic investments, to make quantum leaps in research and healthcare.

We are using Influuent to help make these system-wide research initiatives and the faculty behind them more accessible. Find out more about some of these important initiatives:


To meet current needs and expand future capabilities in cybersecurity, The UT System Cyber and Cloud Security Initiative works on four fronts: education and training, research and applied technology, industry outreach, and network and infrastructure. see more


To support a globally competitive and innovative manufacturing sector, The UT System Manufacturing, Logistics, and Sustainment Initiative strives to identify and promote innovative materials and technologies and develop an industrial infrastructure that facilitates production and distribution. see more


The University of Texas System’s Military Health and Biosecurity Initiative works to improve the health of our nation’s military service members, veterans and their families through collaborative education, research, and clinical care. see more


Texas FreshAIR initiative is an effort to create successful partnerships between UT System health institutions and the life sciences industry. see more