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About the Influuent website

UT System created the Influuent website to promote and expand the research, knowledge-creation, and innovation of UT faculty. With free online resources and tools that foster discovery and connection, the Influuent website is geared to meet internal and external needs. Whether you are in industry looking for a research partner or for new technology to license, or you are a faculty member who wants to expand your research network or explore potential funding opportunities, the Influuent website has resources to help you.

  • Search more than 15,000 faculty research profiles from across UT System institutions in the cities where you do business
  • Discover experts in all topics and review their publications to find a potential partner to help you move your project forward
  • Explore interactive maps of research collaboration networks and discover how one connection becomes many
  • Search the facilities and equipment that are available on campus to work for you
  • Find forms, policies and additional information on whom to contact and how to move forward
  • Explore potential funding opportunities tailored to your interests (UT System faculty)

Who should use the Influuent website?

  • Industry - find partners for your next research endeavor, as well as cutting-edge technologies that will help you deliver product
  • Academics - find a faculty member and launch a collaboration that takes your work to the next level
  • Media - find experts to speak knowledgeably about a topic or add depth to your story; discover intriguing work in trending topics to feature
  • Content/Event Managers - find experts to speak to your group or write a piece for your publication

About the Influuent project

Influuent is a knowledge and innovation framework that includes a research data warehouse and a suite of web-based technology solutions that help researchers discover potential funding opportunities that promote increased collaboration across departments and institutions, and that facilitate the formation of successful public-private partnerships. The purpose is to better understand who UT's subject-matter experts are and what they are experts in; the inventions, innovations, and new knowledge that UT faculty are creating; and the reach and impact of this work on strengthening the economy, improving quality of life, saving lives, and transforming all our lives. We want to use this information, combined with additional data, to advance the research enterprise, foster innovation, and promote technology transfer to bring discoveries out of the lab in order to improve lives in Texas and beyond.

About the Influuent name

"Influunt" is Latin for "flow." This word communicates the flow of ideas and inspiration among users. Additionally, the name is reminiscent of "influence," which calls to mind the impact users can have on one another. By combining these two ideas, we decided to call this product/tool "Influuent."

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