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Q: Who should I contact if I need help with my institution's Influuent site?

A: If you having technical problems with functionality of the product (uploading, downloading, broken links, basic functionality, etc.), you can email Elsevier at or use the Jira ticketing system. Learn more about Jira on the User Group Sharepoint site. If you have policy or project questions about Influuent, please email

Q: I need technical support documents about using the Pure site. Where can I find them?

A: Within the Pure back-end (after you log in), click on the "Help and support" section at the bottom right of the page. Within that section are manuals and help videos (called Screencasts).

Q: I just added a new researcher to our site. When will their Research profile be updated (auto-populated) with publications from Scopus?

A: Elsevier officially "profiles" new researchers three or four times a year on a rotating schedule. When you add a new researcher, please email to let them know and it is possible that they can get the profile populated outside of the regular schedule.

Q: Can a faculty member at my institution log in to edit their profile?

A: This is a determination made by your institution's site administrator or administrative policy makers. If your institution allows profile editing, the functionality should be available to all faculty and researchers with a profile. Faculty should click on the "Log into Pure" at the bottom of their site and entering in their institution network ID and password. If this is not working, please contact Elsevier.

Q: I found a bug on our site. Who do I report this to? What is the best way to report it?

A: As an administrator, you may have access to Elsevier's Jira ticketing system. You should report the bug there. Additionally, you can email Elsevier to ask for help.

Q: We have a new Research Center or Institute. How can I add this to our Influuent site?

A: Research Centers and Institutes should be added to your Master List. For more information on Master List administration please see documentation on the User Group Sharepoint site.