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Our Sponsors

Board of Regents

The UT System Board of Regents approved the funding for this project in May 2014 as part of the larger UT System Innovation Framework. The Board of Regents is the governing body for The University of Texas System. It serves as an advocate of excellence in academic programs, scientific inquiry, and responsible public service.

UT System Administration

The University of Texas System is the overarching sponsor of this project, with project decision coming from offices within Administration. UT System is one of the nation's largest systems of higher education, with nine academic institutions and six health institutions that educate more than 216,000 students and employ 87,000 faculty and staff.

Office of Strategic Initiatives

With expertise in data management, analytics, and presentation, OSI is responsible for managing the data requirements of the Influuent project and for creating and hosting the Influuent website. OSI's experience launching enterprise tools that also appeal to an external audience aligns with the needs of this project. OSI is providing both project management and product management for the website and the online tools. OSI monitors higher education issues at the UT System, state, and national levels for making recommendations on trends and best practices in higher education, particularly as they relate to data-informed policy-making and performance metrics.

Office of Innovation and Strategic Investment

Office of Innovation and Strategic Investment staff are subject matter experts in Intellectual Property and work with our institutions and industry to create true partnerships. The Office of Innovation and Strategic Investment aids UT System Administration and UT System institutions in commercializing output from applied research, including skills, knowledge, technologies, data, and patentable inventions.

Office of Academic Affairs

Through the presidents of UT System's nine academic institutions, the Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for academic planning and programs, budgets, facilities planning and construction, and personnel (both academic and non-academic) of those institutions. Serving as an agent of the UT System Board of Regents, Academic Affairs provides oversight of and assistance for institution operations, develops partnerships, fosters collaboration, and exerts leadership on higher education policies on the national and state levels.

Office of Health Affairs

The Office of Health Affairs oversees the budgets, academic planning and programs, health care delivery, facilities planning and construction, and personnel (both academic and non-academic) for all six UT System health institutions. Working with the presidents of the health institutions, the Office of Health Affairs supports the mission of education, clinical care, research, and community service.